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 Official List of SA Exemption

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Official List of SA Exemption Empty
PostSubject: Official List of SA Exemption   Official List of SA Exemption Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 6:12 pm

APC Grand Chorale Members
1. Battulayan, Sherry Mae M.
2. Bulado, Leslie M.
3. Gequillo, Ryan Benedict R.
4. Hernandez, Julian Philip D.
5. Marfil, Marc Marvin C.
6. Oliquiano, Gerald Bimbo E.
7. Ordoņez, Mark Anthony A.
8. Paculan, Reynelle T.
9. Pagulayan, Stephanie P.
10. Parido, Carlo C.
11. Quitalig, Bryan Bray F.
12. Saluna, Jeremiah C.
13. Santos, Anne Rachel A.
14. Tamayo, Imee Ann B.
15. Tercia, Arlene C.

SAO Website Project
1. Cortel, Marissa
2. Hidalgo, Von Ryan
3. Layague, Mary Rose
4. Notario, Richard Myles

Frequent Viewer Contest
1. Bondoc, Aeron
2. Salvador, Bruce Lee
3. Galera, Marlon Brando
4. Sison, Jennela Joech

Duty Search Grants

Advanced SA Duty
1. Calvez, Emmanuel
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Official List of SA Exemption
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