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 Re-accreditation Requirements

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Re-accreditation Requirements Empty
PostSubject: Re-accreditation Requirements   Re-accreditation Requirements Icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2007 12:09 pm

1. Completely Furbished Form AA-100

2. Hardcopy and Softcopy Formats of the Following:
A. Mission/Vision, Constitution and By Laws (MS Word)
B. Logo (in an MS Word Document)
C. List of Academic Officers (in MS Excel)
D. List of Active Members (in MS Excel)
E. Calendar of Academic (in MS Word)

3. Completely Furbished Form AA-110

Important Notes:
1. Mission/Vision and Constitution & By-Laws may or may not be the same as that of the previous year. In case there are changes, a separate sheet must also be submitted declaring the changes and when and where the changes were discussed signed by at least 3 officers. Amendments should follow the procedures as stated in the organizations’ respective constitution. SAO has the right to revoke amendments that are not properly processed.
2. Officers listed should be of No Failing Mark and should not hold any position from another organization. An officer-elect having a Failing Mark must relinquish his/her post and must be replaced according to the organization’s constitution.
3. An active member is a member of the organization for more than one term and has attended at least two activities by the organization. SAO will be interviewing students listed in the active members list of the organization at random for verification.
4. Activities listed in the Calendar of Activities should include two major activities and three minor activities spread from June 2007 to February 2008. All activities should be in-line with the organization’s Mission/Vision. A cap of Php 5,000 is allotted to major activities, while a cap of Php 2,000 is allotted to minor activities.
5. Nominated advisers should be full-time faculty/staff. Advisers will be chosen by a three-man panel. Adviser Information Sheets are strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to parties other than the three-man panel.
6. All paper documents should be printed in an 8’x11’’ bond paper. Enclose all paper documents and the CD containing the softcopy of documents submitted in a sealed brown envelope. Attach this Re-Accreditation Sheet at the back of the envelope.
7. The Re-Accreditation Documents should be completely furbished and submitted to the SAO before 5:00 PM, June 18, 2007 (Monday). Failure to submit the said documents on time will constitute to the organization’s suspension for one whole year.
8. List of Re-Accredited Organizations, including their Advisers, will be disclosed on June 22, 2007 (Friday).
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Re-accreditation Requirements
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